Some people dream of success. We make it happen.



​We provide services to those that are in need and are looking to enrich and advance their life. Women and men that are in temporary facilities to better their life. Some where down the line things may have went to wrong way, but we encourage them that somone loves them and they can make it through.



We have various that we work with throughout the year to give back to the community.. For instance Love Bingo, Assembly of Hope, Community Easter Egg Hunt, Back to School Drives, Christ-Mas Event, Sam Day and so much more..




We strive to be inclusive of individuals that have an interest in assisting with support of local women and children shelters. All of our meetings are open to the public and we encourage individuals that may have heard of the work we do to attend.


Our group is all about Giving Back to the community. We feel by encouraging and providing the opportunity for Positive Minded Small Business Owners to grow their business it will enable them to contribute more to the community charitable causes we assist.



We have worked with a variety of shelters and business ownersvarying from non-profit to corporate to retail. We strive to ensure that we promote positivity and love back into the community by developing programs filled with love and faith  ...


On behalf of Sarah's House I want to personally thank you for your great support. We are honored to have crossed paths and look forward to working together on a shared goal of feeding and breaking the cycle of homelessness.”

Nakisha Cole, CEO , Founder

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